Ms Hon Ing Ing had to quit school and study for her O levels while working full-time. However, that did not stop her from pursuing the career that she wanted.

After considering her options, Ms Hon, now 23, chose to pursue her higher education at Kaplan Singapore.

She says: “I was looking for a provate school that offers a diploma, which is affordable, yet prestigious and recognised in Singapore. Coincidentally, a work colleague also recommended Kaplan to me and i decided to enrol in the school.”

Kaplan Singapore comprises three entities – Kaplan Higher Education Academy (KHEA), Kaplan Higher Education Institute (KHEI) and Kaplan Learning Institute (KLI) – and provides part-time and full-time courses from diploma to post-graduate degrees as well as professional qualifications and English language programmes.

There are four campuses, including Wilkie Edge, PoMo and the National Library Building, as well as at the Devan Nair Institute near Jurong East MRT station.

Ms Hon, who is now working as a group marketing assistant for a multinational wealth management company, first obtained a Certificate in Foundation Studies in 2013 followed by a diploma in commerce from KHEA.

The academy offers more than 25 diploma programmes and direct entry to the second yea (subject to university entry requirements ) of more than 150 bachelor’s degree programmes with its 12 university partners in Australia. Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Ms Hon enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce programme under Murdoch University and graduated last September with a double major in finance and marketing. She also received the Vice Chancellor’s Commendation Award for Academic Excellence, which is given to the top 2 per cent of Murdoch University’s graduating cohort.

“I chose to continue my studies at Kaplan after the first certificate as it offers a wide range of reputed universities to choose from,” says Ms Hon. “The Kaplan diploma is also the foundation year of a bachelor’s degree, so I could get direct entry into the Murdoch degree programme.”

She completed her bachelor’s degree in the minimum time period of 16 months, which required students to take on three modules per four-month semester.

Modules in each major were assessed in different ways, says Ms Hon. “The grade for my marketing major was a combination of 50 per cent from exams and 50 per cent from assignments, presentations and project work. The finance major was mostly assessed based on exams with the rest of the grades coming from online quizzes as well as class participation.”

She likes that the study schedule was flexible and students could plan at their own pace, thus allowing her to balance school life with other personal activities.

“The chapters of each course are taught progressively, which helps students to easily understand what is necessary for exams and assignments. If we were not clear about any part of the lessons, the lecturers were always willing to explain,” she says.

One module – integrated marketing communications – proved to be a useful subject for her current work scope as she coordinates the marketing operations between different offices in the Asian region and the UK.

“That module taught me how a brand can be potrayed in many ways to different audiences and how each target audience receive these messages. I can apply the knowledge through the way i position my company’s marketing materials such that our target audience perceives them accurately.”

Disciplined and focused, Ms Hon kept a balanced lifestyle even as a student.

“I usually took note of when to hand in my assignments and completed them progressively beforehand. This way i could have a life outside school while doing a bit of school work each day,” says the avid online gamer, who also enjoys reading noels, running and swimming.

To those who are considering further studies, Ms Hon says: “Curiosity and the courage to ask questions are essential  to learning. With determination and discipline, anyone can manage their assignments and excel in their studies. I have come to learn that i can do anything i set my mind on.”

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Article by Grace Ma
Source: The Straits Times© Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.