Even as a 16-year-old student at Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Ms Verine Lee knew she wanted to be in human resource.

All it took was a two-month part-time stint working in the human resource department of a company for her to be hooked to the function.

While doing intensive research on the various recognised human resource certifications offered in Singapore, she became interested in Kaplan’s full-time Diploma in Business and Information Management, and decided to enrol in it.

The programme consists of eight subjects – quantitative analysis; introduction to management, database design and development, multimedia and the internet, as well as computer science; accounting for managers; project management; and principles of information systems and data management. It may be completed in eight months.

Ms Lee has since completed her diploma and moved on to the University College Dublin’s Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) in Information Management course also offered by Kaplan.

Now into her first year in the course, Ms Lee says she has found Kaplan’s courses intellectually rigorous and challenging.

Students’ learning is supplemented by the comprehensive and ample materials for the course provided by the school, and they enjoy the tufelage of lecturers who are well experienced in their respective fields.

Ms Lee says her lecturers are adept at making students’ learning more applicable. They often cite examples from their personal work experiences so that students can better relate to the contents of the modules and be better equipped with the required skills that they would need for their future careers.

Ms Lee is also enjoying the school’s friendly and diverse culture of various races and nationalities.

She says: “I think the culture of the school makes a lot of difference in the students’ attitude towards their lessons and campus life.

“Personally, the friendly and helpful culture that Kaplan students adopt is the reason why I look forward to going to school – not just to study but to catch up with friends or make new friends.”

The undergraduate advises those looking at tertiary options after their O levels to be sure of their choice of field and to find out more about the certificates that they have to obtain to get their dream job. It is also important to get a qualification that is recognised by companies in Singapore, she adds.

With one more year left to go in her studies at Kaplan, good results keep the diligent student motivated. She is also keen to excel in her studies to prove to detractors that it is still possible to succeed at the tertiary level even if one does not have a good academic record in the past.

Ms Lee says: “Find out what you are truly passionate about and never give up even when things get difficult. We can write our own future even if we cannot rewrite our past. It all boils down to the effort that we put in our studies now.”

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Article by Esther Teo
Source: The Straits Times© Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.