Commencing its education programs from its newly-opened Yangon campus, and with plans to enable cashless payment through grades in exchange for digital currency

YANGON, 28 JUNE 2018 – Kaplan Myanmar University College (KMUC) today announced the opening of its new modern campus to offer the best-in-class tertiary teaching and learning experience in Yangon. Strategically located along Pyay Road, within the vibrant Kamaryut Township area featuring ample services, food and dining options, shopping malls and schools, the 9-storey campus building’s sprawling space embodies the ‘smart’ lifestyle design concept. Students here get to choose from a variety of university-level business courses and acquire knowledge, exchange ideas and engage through social activities amidst a dynamic and conducive environment.

As Yangon’s new education landmark, the campus is equipped with the latest technology to provide the optimum learning environment and a productive, progressive and enjoyable learning experience for students, who will benefit from the healthy teacher-to-class size ratio for each programme.

It also hosts futuristic facilities including state-of-the-art classrooms – The Synergy Pods; created to be innovative yet practical and fully interactive, providing a visually stimulating and immersive learning environment to enhance students’ learning experience and engagement through teacher-student discussions and peer-to-peer collaborations.

In addition, its local partner, Spout Global Education, will oversee the management and maintenance of the 9-storey campus building, including its IT infrastructure. This is to ensure students can enjoy co-working spaces for collaboration, sports and yoga studio for activities such as boxing and pilates, and a wired campus for online activities and learning.

KMUC also has plans to initiate on-campus digital currency. Using mobile phones, students are able to accumulate digital currency through good grades and attendance to redeem for food and drinks, attend fitness classes and purchase merchandise on campus.

“This dynamic new space in Yangon represents a major leap forward for us in teaching and learning at Kaplan,” said Provost of Kaplan Myanmar University College, Associate Professor Rhys Johnson. 

“It brings together Kaplan’s international expertise and vital resources to provide more options for quality education in Myanmar. With our team of educators and modern campus facilities, we offer opportunities for students to thrive and succeed. Here, eager young minds will get to share ideas, and collaborate closely with peers across the campus space. We hope that this conducive learning environment will strengthen and build every learners’ adaptability.”

KMUC will offer industry relevant programmes from Language Certification to Diplomas, and together with its renowned university partners, deliver Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees programmes. These programmes will cover disciplines such as Accounting & Finance, Business Management and Engineering Management. There are also plans to collaborate with industry partners to offer professional courses for skills development. With its proven track-record in trans-national education, the leading education group’s success over the years was founded on its distinct approach of marrying ‘global education’ with ‘local study’, with a specific focus on enabling the employability and competitiveness of its graduates.

Students will also have access to career advisory services, industry visits, career fair, sports clubs and interest groups, alumni services as well as academic and programme management support.

With plans to open more campuses throughout Myanmar, KMUC aims to meet the high demand from students and working adults for top quality courses by delivering unrivalled quality education.

Click here for photos of the campus opening.