Student Lim Wei Hong, 16, embraces the idiom “time is money” wholeheartedly.

He enrolled in Kaplan Singapore last April to pursue an eight-month diploma course in business and law as he wanted to complete his studies in the shortest time possible.

The programme provides students with legal and business knowledge and skills to function as business professionals or paralegals. It also enhances students’ understanding of the operating environment of companies.

Kaplan diploma graduates have worked in multinational companies, public sectors and private companies.

Wei Hong said: “A local diploma will take up to three years to complete, yet the students still have to compete for the university slots.

“With Kaplan, I can complete my diploma within eight months and go straight to a year-two degree of my choice.

“I feel that experience is a priority over qualifications, hence the short timeframe will give me the opportunity to start my career earlier compared to other people my age who are studying in local polytechnics or doing their A levels.”

The former student of Yishun Secondary School completed his diploma exams last month and will receive his results this month.

He chose to study business and law as this combination allows him to learn about both fields at the same time.

Wei Hong said: “Studying business and law benefits me as I gain a wider range of knowledge. It will open doors to more opportunities as I progress in my career.”

What strikes him about the subjects he is studying is being able to relate what he learns to real-life situations.

He said: “In both the business and law modules, we are taught to draft official documents which will be a great help at work.”

His favourite modules are project management and land law and conveyance.

Land law and conveyance cater to his interest in the property market. It also teaches him the different aspects and gives him a broader perspective of the property market.

Wei Hong feels that it is important that the courses are related to his interests as it plays a big part in motivating him to keep learning.

He said: “Without interest, people tend to give up midway in their course of studies.”

Knowledgeable and approachable lecturers further facilitates learning. Wei Hong enjoys lessons that are conducted in a lively and engaging manner.

As a full-time student, he has plenty of time to complete his assignments.

He said: “Lessons are fulfilling as we gain new knowledge every time we walk out of the class.”

“The three-hour lessons are focused on a particular topic. Hence they give us in-depth knowledge of the topic.”

Kaplan also offers diplomas that allow students to progress further in their studies. In addition, Kaplan diploma graduates get the chance to skip the first year to enter the second year of their degree programme.

Said Wei Hong: “It’s a ton of time saved for the students.”

“Time saved means more quality time for family, friends and earning money for a brighter future.”

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Article by David Sun, Sunuja Naidu, Arul John
Source: The New Paper© Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction.